Cleavage Wreckage


Beauty! They say is in the eye of the beholder
Now it seems to be seen from anywhere even the shoulder down to the chest
You get to hear it’s trending but it would rather be that it’s ending
There goes the proverb of “let the breast of your wife satisfy you always”
As it now satisfies the eyes of millions through social media euphoria

But wait a minute, in the words of Elizabeth Saltzman –“a cleavage-heavy picture on Instagram that gathered over one hundred thousand comments had ninety thousand talk about the ‘boobs’”
That’s not healthy, that’s creepy she said, hmmm, I close my mouth and swallow spit

Fashion myths with the passage of time has shown that the vintage era seemed to be the vantage era, that’s now become museum relics or seen more as old school
In every glamorous event today, you try not to affix your eyes on the skin tones
The sizes and the gaps should I say the depth of the exposure rather than closure
Yet there’s a superb definition for the style on the red carpet shoot and praises to the stylist
For assisting in creating short visual clips of lustful desires, lovely sights and seeing views

Lest I forget, it’s high praises to the designer, job well-done!
How the brand named couture brought out all her contours, wow! O yeah!
Now your unprepared self now gets caught up in giving subtle explanation to infants and minors
On why they have to be dressed in complete closure when the media shows the direct opposite
“For like a gold ring in a pig’s snout, is a beautiful woman without discretion”
Do you not know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?

I really do not think you do, cos if you did my dear, you will heed to these words of life
And your adornment will be with modesty and discretion acknowledging your role and value in the sight of God always
Even in its literal form that “there should no division in your body, all parts must have equal concern” says a lot
Cos as you suffer the cleavage to exposure, you suffer the other parts that are fully clothed
For a fact, the whole package defines you either as garbage with leakage
Or someone with advantage to leverage on across lineage

“Women adorn yourselves in a respectable apparel with modesty and self-control”
The self-control wasn’t just for you women, I hope you know?
But more for the men, that they will have more control and not uncage and cause carnage
Carnage that leaves both the victim and the society enraged looking for war to wage
The cleavage wreckage has caused many to age beyond their ancestral lineage
Due to the excess substance abuse in trying to keep together what can’t be salvaged
Or managed by those who know quality beauty in its right gauge

Where then are the bodies that were to be presented as a living sacrifice?
I leave you with this, “the usage of your body portrays your self-image either as vantage or wastage”
For when it is shrunk and saggy, My dear when it does, I ask you this
What percentage of it will you have the courage to take out of its cage?
Yes! I mean cage, cos then I am sure it will be in more excellent discretional closure than the Egyptian mummy

You do not judge by appearance, but you try to judge with right judgment
What message is your cleavage sending out to the world?
I think it’s time we embarked on the pilgrimage to the village of pure beauty and modesty
To get the right the dosage of the right message on
The “Temple of the Living God” – Your Body


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