Social Eye-Service

Sitting in the corner of a lonely place
Going through MySpace
Checking Twitter for every tweet
that makes my timeline a hit
Anticipating the comments on my filtered picture on Instagram
Hoping the likes on Facebook would go above a thousand
While I update my most recent achievement on LinkedIn
As I await the countless congratulations in my inbox
What a hoax!
And as I post that video on YouTube wishing the views would earn me some income
Before I tumble to the ground cos no one read my post on Tumblr
While asking that irrelevant question on Quora

So much it is that meets this euphoria on social media
You may try to surround yourself with virtual friends or submerge yourself with social media
But basically you’re just with a handful of people who are just as lonely as you are
What people long for today is a feeling of security without the inconvenience of commitment
Living in an illusive world where virtual reality supersedes physical reality
Having 5000 clicking friends than 5 faithful touching friends

Touching cos yes, they are real, touching cos they do touch that part of you that really needs warmth and comfort
Touching cos they stand with you through the thick and thin
Being the shoulder you could cry on and the body you could embrace
No matter how many emojis of hugs and kisses you send, it won’t fill the blank of one physical present hug

Why then do you savour and drool for this mirage?
Why does public approval matter more than private acceptance?
Making the world and human expectations put you in a box
When you should break out of the box instead of being a monitoring spirit of peer’s achievements
Rather make your timeline the standard for the world to follow

Follow you, not because you’re on Forbes list nor have Grammy’s to your name
But because you represent the light that is to shine for all men to see
Like you, not because you’ve got a terrace duplex in Malibu
Nor are you a heir to the Trump’s towers but because you’re the salt of the earth
Putting the needed taste in the lives of those around you
Comment about you, not because you just went viral for some aimless video
But because you lived or are living a life worthy of emulation
Just like the Giver of life, the One who is and is to come

The Light of the world, shining over the world’s darkness so that all men can see
History is watching you and taking notes
If a future archaeologist uncovers your thoughts
What will they say about you?
So when next you are about to make that post
When next you are about to update your relationship or progress status
Ask yourself these questions
Am I doing this for the follow, likes and comments?
Or I am doing it to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world? Selah!


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1 year ago

Weldon bro.