Remember, He Was In The Boat

“Prayer is the key! Prayer is the key! Prayer is the master key, Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, Prayer is the master key.”

Why do you stand to complain about what will only increase your pain? Why do you bicker on matters that will only make you weaker? Na who complain epp? Neither did Biker Mice bicker when faced with attacks by Limburger. They took action and confronted the storm, cos if you don’t, you cannot sail through to a place of solace.

If no one knows where you’re coming from, how will they respect your uniform? The deep-cut scars that healed at the end are the embellishment that speaks resounding praises of what you’ve been through and still standing strong. You forget you wield more strength than a lion, need I remind you that you’re from Zion?

While He was on earth, He took time out to pray even with His matchless grace being able to call forth demons and they tremble in awe of Him. Amidst the power working in and walking with Him, He still prayed? What then are you doing not crafting the next phase of your generation in the place of prayer?

A new year has begun, and it calls for three things Prayer, Plan, and Preparation. Life’s default mode is of trials and temptations, prevailing grace comes with fervency in prayer. If you think you’ve got problems, wait till you hear the guy next door, that bitter-sweet experience you feel was customized for you only have been experienced by someone else with worse predicament. Both the rich and the poor have got their battles to contend with, it’s the strategy applied that confers victory.

What differentiates you is how you hold on to faith and press-on knowing that not of this world is the eternal reward that should be most desired. But while you’re here, Occupy till He comes. The best you can do is PUSH, when I say push, I mean Pray Until Something Happens. Contend for your birthright, yes, it’s yours but it can be taken away from you so don’t slack else you’re hacked. You have to fight to put the enemies to flight and they’ll be totally out of sight. It will not be easy that I can assure you, it will be sweaty and bloody but as long as you’ve got the breath in you keep pushing. Every storm has its end. This too shall pass!

Build up faith, remembering who lives inside of you knows the end before it began. Less I forget, “HE WAS IN THE BOAT”. Yes! He was, when pandemonium erupted and a dirge was the theme song rather than faith work in worship and praise. Before you’re quick to jettison your future and destiny into the deep blue sea, remember He was in the boat. This should have been your assurance of peace amidst the storm but you got caught up with the height of fiery tides of pain, poverty, sickness, failed ambitions, regrets and what have you.

Don’t ever lose focus on that fact that He was in the boat. You should have either joined Him in the nap or kept on busy doing what you were doing with no worries. If the clay cannot tell potter the pattern to be molded, neither can the storm devour the Maker of the seas. Stay in the place of prayer and worship to hear from Him always, on the way to go. For in Him you will surely find direction, guidance, hope, encouragement, and faith needed for your earthly and heavenly victories. That voice saying, this is the way – walk in it.

I am talking to myself as I am talking to you. The rush in the world today sets us lost with the things that He’s least concerned about. Get to that point where you can hear from Him and know His perfect plan for your life because there is just one customised script and He is the Director. We keep giving Him addendums and skits to add to what has been predestined which set us back and delays the ride. When all we should long to hear and obey is “Rolling Tape! Action! It’s meant to be one joy ride with one captain and you the crewman, stay in the place of the crewman and leave the steering of your life’s course to the Master.


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