Unforgettable Dynasty

That evening chills, trying to reboot my mainframe
While taking a lone-walk, did I behold a frame
That made me want to get to know this dame
Gathering the courage to walk up and say ‘Hey!’
Though, Not sure of what she’ll have to say
Whatever it was, I wasn’t gonna leave with a nay

I’d like to know your name and not your nickname
And believe me when I say, “I play no game”
Cos a lady like you has got aliases to ward-off wooers
But as for me, my one and only goal is to Woo Her
In beads of coral, adorned with tulip floral
Stunning bespoke, were legs in her Balmoral

With a straight face she turned as if we had a quarrel
I gulped in courage, smiling, I said my name, and hers was Laurel
She was no angel but I assure she’s a remarkable damsel
Our conversation flowed so natural
Like we had known each other for a long while
Full of wits and life, with radiating laughter and smile

Listening to her aspirations, this is a goalgetter
Geared to face the storm and take what’s hers
What more can a man possibly yearn for in a partner?
Both of us shooting for the stars and reaching the sky
We know no limitations in life than to fly high
Her hands in mine and we’ll not just rule in majesty
But leave behind, an unforgettable dynasty


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