Up NEPA! – A Nation’s Love-Lost Expedition

I am not so old neither am I that young, which means it’s in between old and young
Growing up in a community that had things working well as far as I can remember
The good old days! It wasn’t all rosy and peachy but I can tell you, life was way better
Better because there was Love; love that transcended across religions and tribal marks
Love that bonded Efik, Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Urhobo, Itshekiri, Ibibio, Tiv and Fulani
I just can’t draw up the entire list because of a truth our tribes are so many
But in the multi-diversity lies our drive, unity, passion and unravelled strength
In it we found solace to be united and conquer territories at great length
This love so strong that made you care for anyone irrespective of who they were

I remember kids getting lost in the neighbourhood and an entire street goes searching everywhere
Now, we hope, we pray and even invoke the metaphysical to confirm life before searching
Because love-lost has made a fellowman prey on the innocent for no good reason, hmm so touching
There used to be love, so much love that festivities will have neighbours merry and exchange meals
Today, to even get them to agree to solve a communal problem needs endless appeals
Thank God I’m neither so old nor too young, at least some part of my childhood had some sanity
Not what we see today, even the unborn child is already sweating in the womb, such inhumanity
The pains of motherhood in land supposed to be flowing with milk and honey now YoYo Bitters
From the fumes choking, heat draining moisture and deafening noise corrupting brain files

It wasn’t 100% constant but it was available and we knew no noise pollution asides UP NEPA!!!
A unifying roar that reaches the heavens just like how we roared for the ‘Dream Team’ Eagles in 1996
Those were days and reminiscences that I still soliloquize about; how did love get this lost on us?
As much as the most constant thing in life is change, I don’t think nor believe love should
For love is patient and kind, not jealous nor boastful and neither proud nor rude
Love doesn’t demand its own way, it’s not irritable and doesn’t keep records of wrongdoings
Above all, love never gives up, never loses faith, always hopeful and endures through all circumstance
Love-lost has made most of our leaders metamorphose into creatures with hearts of stone
Consistently rendering the people handicapped with incorrigible policies not fit for monkeys

Not to talk of God’s most cherished creation, just proves to us that they’ve got no performing skills
As they choose to remain indifferent and adamant to the nation’s social and economic plight
Our unified prayer remains, God please crush the hearts of stone and let them see the light
The light of love, that knows no status, that’s embracing to all and absolutely selfless
Ever ready to take up the case of the needy and wield protection for the defenceless
And as we pray, we ought to act, and demand better for the generation yet unborn
Move into action, taking a unified stand and see to it that no more ruin is brought upon us
That our land will evolve, soar high and become Africa’s most ‘them they rush us’
And never again, I mean never again shall the roar of UP NEPA be heard in our land


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1 year ago

wow…. d good old days…. how I wish for this days.
nice piece bro….. I can relate!