Just Beyond Words by EnowithdH


WOMAN! Woo-man, Man! Woo-man!
I don’t know if you get it, for all I see is Woo Her
With the name, comes your one and only assignment, Woo Her
Did you hear Me? Just one homework Man! Woo Her
In the days of merriment and fulfilment, Woo Her
When the day brings disappointment, Woo Her
That moment you can’t tell what’s wrong with her, Woo Her
You seem to have nothing doing, Woo Her

You’re seeing her in pains as the doctor says PUSH! Woo Her
When she becomes wonderwoman multitasking, Woo Her
That food had too much pepper, your eyes weep, Woo Her
And when it’s yummy in your tummy, Woo Her
The balance the world needs depends on how you Woo Her
Celebrate Her, Help Her, Defend Her, Partner with Her
See, just draft your To-Woo List, cos you must Woo Her
I mean, your longevity depends on it. Mbok! Woo Her


International Women’s Day – #Balanceforbetter

Mbok! Means Please!

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