To That Hustler With No Pay-Day Yet!

Look, I know it’s hard, believe you me, I really do
You do anything and everything to make it right
But for it to stick, you still feel like you need superglue
Yet, here they are, all watching and they’re all seeing
Patiently waiting, anticipating to see you soar or fall

It’s what it is, nothing can change that but you gotta man-up
Don’t ever give-in to bad vibes, never ever try to give up
I know it does get to that place of compromise, I have too
But your storyline is yours alone, fully customised
And all you can do is focus with potentials maximised

Not giving the world the chance to have the last laugh
Cos you did all you could and you gave it your best
And this life you live is never short of some test
How you hold-up, hold-on and weather the storm
Will pay-off in the end as long as you never get bent

Were hopes dash? Yes! Were feelings hurt? Yes!
Did it pain you? Maybe! Should it weigh you down? Never!
Now your life’s hustle has filtered your friends into boxes
Friends turn Family, Friends still as friends, not to mention
Those who remain acquaintances and the good riddance

Rather than sulk over spilt milk and have heart aches
Get up! Dust yourself! Shake it off! Breast the tape
Give the world a reason to remember you forever
So many are the names that linger in the world today
Either on the positive or the negative, the choice? Yours!

Life is solo-based at the end, so why look for public validation?
Keep at what you do as long it gives you joy and fulfilment
The gloomy days are but a phase, this too shall pass!
This I know! Cos I’ve had my fair share and I’m having more
But it won’t break me rather enrage me with fire to press-on

Stay strong, hold on, change is gonna come, keep at it
Faithfully giving it your all, no matter the strikes you get
It only tears the flesh and bleed but won’t break your spirit
As long as you’re strong willed, You’ll be fine. This I know!
Dear Friend, It can only get better with each passing day

Inspired by my Friend turn Brother, Yomi Owokoya ACA. Finishing touches by EnowithdH

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1 year ago

So so inspiring. What a way to start the week!

oyenekan damilola
oyenekan damilola
1 year ago

inspiring. Keep it up