Flawless… Completely flawless
Your beauty keeps me jawless
My mouth wide open aaah!
Saying, this is the handiwork of Jehovah
I am thrilled to behold such work of art
Causing goosebumps to be around my heart
I am elated to have gotten to know you
That I can find a friend in this age, so true
To see that your beauty goes beyond soft flesh
Luscious lips and hips, that one desires to mesh

But you’re the CPU(Complete Package Unlimited) every man desires
To love and cherish till he retires
Not just to quench his marital hunger
But to build a strong empire that will last longer
It’s awesome to see beauty, brain and brawn all in one
Just makes you the full specification of the perfect one
Above all, seeing your depth of love for God’s work
Makes me see myself having a lot of homework
You’re beautiful in and out
Loving you will go beyond north and south

? Enowithdh

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