Enough! Just Show Some Love

Just Show Some Love

Enough is enough! I am not trying to be rude but I can do with some real love free from bias, sentiments, and aspersions or what have you. The world seems to be losing compassion daily as we steer on the road of competition and unneeded intention to impress the next person beside. We take up this life as if it’s got no end in sight. But I can assure you, even the great flood of Noah, was brought to an end, so take this for the road; this life you live – will end, someday. I know that feeling when no one wants to be associated with news or topics related to crossing over to the other side, but it’s what it is and it’s going to happen to all. The only fine line between yours and mine is called – TIME.

In that seemingly short time that you will be privileged to spend here on this revolving and evolving world, what truly will you be honored for? Christ Jesus died for us and was raised to life for us, and He is sitting in the place of honor at God’s right hand, pleading for [you]. — Romans 8:34 NLT. You can always be remembered but there’s more to it when you’re honored even in your departure. I believe IMPACT, happens to be the key factor that gives one the expected honor while we are long gone from the face of the earth.

And what better example and role model can be used to buttress the kind of impact that I am trying to describe here if not that of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. The One who always taught the truth in love and never gave anyone who encountered Him, a reason not to be loved. This impact in love is where I want to rest my thoughts on in this piece.

In your daily living and as you sojourn the face of the earth, we have numerous encounters with various human beings from diverse backgrounds and filled with unimaginable life experiences. Our inability to discern or our lack of patience to get to know the real story of the guy next door has made us supreme judges of the human race. If only we could really know them and love on them without recourse and show them the kind of compassion Christ displayed throughout His stay on earth. And He still shows us this love while He is away preparing that Good Place He’s promised us. He is a good, good father and friend!

Looking at two remarkable examples from the scriptures that have spoken to me in a million and one ways that I keep praying to God to help me love all the way He loves the world. “For God so loved the world…” Help me, Lord! This human flesh keeps failing but I won’t give up trying at being more like Him daily as I live.

The adulterous woman was one that marveled me at the response and reaction of Christ when she was brought to Him. Being who he was who had seen the end before the beginning paid no attention to their noise as they waited on Him to give a nod at their intended stone lynching. “Let him who is without sin be the first to throw a stone,” said Jesus to the crowd. I tried to reenact that scene in my head time after time – that what if someone with sin had been stubborn to throw the stone still. And all I could play it out on was Angel Michael with his two-edged sword slicing off that hand immediately before the stone gains momentum to hit the woman. Kindly take note of the “… without sin” phrase as you should be aware that sin is sin irrespective of how we in our little minds perceive even a white lie to not be a sin. The impact in love was when they had all dropped their stones and left. He never asked her what sin did you commit nor how many times did you do it? All He asked was “where are your accusers?”

What manner of love is this that will bring out such tender and warm words out of the mouth of a man to an adulterous woman? It didn’t end there, He added the lasting impact part now in His authority as the Holy Sovereign One of Israel – “Go and sin no more”. “Go” – meaning you are free and blameless! “Sin no more” – don’t do anything evil again because there’s no big nor small sin.

At the well with the Samaritan woman, Jesus broke all existing protocol because He was full of grace breaking countless customs for just a woman. This made it a lot weirder in the eyes of His disciples for he was in a town he didn’t belong – Samaritan. Only for him to have a drink with a woman afterward tells her about her past life filled with sin. But in that moment of utter shock, as the woman hears about her whole life from a strange man, He reveals himself as the Messiah, the one who takes away our sins. How do you react when you know a little child broke something valuable to you but keeps quiet for fear of being beaten? Instead of you reacting with rage, you take the child out for ice cream and to see a movie. That was what Jesus did by extending grace to her. An everlasting impact that made this woman tell her whole town about what happened and this brought many people who became believers.

It was easy for her to achieve bringing people into the fold with such compelling testimony as “He told me everything I did”. This meant that He knew her in totality and never condemned, rejected nor judged her rather He loved her more like the Savior and loving father that He is.

Daily as I live, I want to keep getting better at being like Jesus. Being able to extend God’s grace as I step into the truth of people’s lives and never be sentimental nor judgmental about who they are really. Also, I want to accept the truth about my inadequacies while I believe God’s grace will make me perfect in my weakness. Remember that He knows us for who we are yet He still loves us. Wouldn’t you do the same to that fellow man beside you? Enough with the preaching show some love.


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9 months ago

A very beautiful write-up. More ink in your pen!

9 months ago

“Enough! Just Show Some Love” ??????