Name Calling

For unto us a child is born, unto us a Son is given. And the government will be upon His shoulder. His name will be called; Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father. His names were predestined for his manifestation and fulfilment of God’s redemption mission for the world. Why then was my name not given the much attention required?

Why do I feel less confident at the mention of my name? When at the mention of His name, every knee bows with no eyebrow raised, all proclaiming “He is the Lord”. I sometimes recline and think to myself – Is my name not good enough? Did my birth parents take care in proclaiming a good name on Me?
Even the hyenas shivered at the calling out of Mufasa – wish I knew what it really meant.

A good name, a name that sets me apart for greatness. A name that’s a game changer which no one can maim. A name that’s free of ancestral blemish and holds no lingering curse. The intentional selection and reservation of the names Christ was called, goes to show that you don’t just lay claim to names from your ancestral past when you haven’t dug deep into the root of it’s foundation. Digging deep will unveil hidden truths with which you won’t end up being haunted in future.

There was once a popular female musician whose surname meant “death is agonising” from the eastern part of Nigeria. This is what you take instant action and draw a fresh bloodline. As you disclaim such vile and unhealthy lineage. For there shall be no continuance of such unworthy name in your life. Neither should any chosen nickname or fancy name speak negativity. There’s currently a delectable MC of our time who went by the name ‘Wild Child’ but now goes by the first two letters of his first name – ‘IK’, why? I really can’t say. But as long as the power of life and death is in the tongue, what you say matters, and what you’re called daily matters more.

This made me ponder on the meaning of my birth name, ‘Enoh’- which means ‘GIFT’. Okay! I can see there was clear intent and care on my name calling. I seem to have been the one who hasn’t harnessed the massive potentials and virtues my name holds. I am a gift. God’s gift to mankind as was Christ. To expend all that’s within me serving and doing His will.

Whoever is in Christ is deemed to be a new creature with old things passing away and being made anew. Therefore, take the bold step today and look with intent into that name that won’t just augment your destiny but also won’t have you lament through avoidable life’s torment. And I can tell you this for the taking; you need no one’s consent to change that seemingly vile or haunted name from the pit of Hell.

This life is solo-based at the end of it all and it’s more of your glory days that attracts accolades and gives others need to famz your name. Take another good look at your name and be sure it’s worded and wadded with purpose being fulfilled. For a good name is not just better than silver or gold; a good name is good name that stands the test of time and is not forgotten easily. That’s a good name!


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