Tribute to Kehinde Olarinde

Kehinde Olarinde – Superwoman

This is me bleeding in my heart as I force myself to write this eulogy about my sister who came through another mother but there is no better description other than calling her my dearest sister. She was one rare gem unequaled and unparalleled. Kenny! It’s been tough and rough but diamonds ain’t close to the stuff you were made of. Kenny, Kufre called me 7:25 pm 27th December 2019 and told me what I didn’t want to hear and I used a swear word to shut him up that he should retract that news he came bearing. Ah! Life Oh Life! You’ve done this one but unfortunately for you, Kenny had the last and better laugh as she is being welcomed home as a valiant soldier – the Deborah and Ruth Combo personified.

What a journey, my sister. I don’t want to dwell on the years of knowing but I look back and take a review and I close my mouth and swallow spit. Thank you, God, for still keeping amongst us the most real beings that are dead to self and all for others giving their blood till the very end. Kenny, a chapter of endless words do you hold in my life and I do hope I’ll have the courage and strength to pen them all down. Ah! Kenny se eeyan! A strong woman of God, against all odds you held on to your faith in Christ that person wey think say e get problem when dem hear your story, na to cover face waka far dey reason say dem no get problem. But in all of these, jeez, were you strong and enduring even me as a man, I know my tipping point but you had none.

At my brother’s wedding on Easter Monday this year. 😊😚

Reading through our chats gives me Goosebumps and I have some laugh when everyone kept saying how humble and nice you were and always smiling. In those chats were the other side of you which you kept to a select few; blunt about the truth, never accepting injustice and maltreatment of others, great at dropping funny punch lines, never holding back a scold for the deserving. As you went through the clouds to meet with the Father, I also stored up our chats in the cloud as my most cherished souvenir from you to me.

I am now getting a bit of clarity on why God kept you this long for us to still have moments to hold on to and cherish forever. For I can remember vividly, my driving you down to UCH Ibadan twice and after seeing the consultant you came out with a smile on your face. Then you said Enoh, it is well and you gave me the test results and explained what the doctor had said. “I don’t know how you can stand nor even have the strength to walk about unaided; that woman over there has a similar result and has been in a wheelchair for over 3 months”, said the doctor. The doctor didn’t even know you drove yourself to the pickup point where I took over the driving from and we did it for 2 days back-to-back. This was between the 16th and 17th of October 2018, babe you pulled through 15 months extra with us to cherish… hmm… the miracles that we chose to overlook. And those two days in Ibadan didn’t slide by without us having hot amala/pounded yam at Thuraya Bukka before hitting the road back to Lagos – our last supper.

Kenny you were there when life’s evil whirlwind blew my direction to destabilize me and right in the middle of that storm were you crying unto to the Father on my behalf till we got a rest in our spirits of an answered prayer. Just 2 days ago, I expanded your display picture on your WhatsApp profile and kept praying but the more I prayed, the more tears came dripping my eyes me feeling what you were going through in the distance. I was to come to the hospital but events made me unable to and I was going to feel guilty after getting to hear the news but then again I took it with joy that the last time we ever saw, was you on both legs walking to the car. With this memory, I am happy and encouraged not to be utterly embittered at your departure for I know it’s the better and good place is where you are this very moment. Then, I remembered Titi a valiant prayer partner and sister who stood by through it all too and I picked up my phone to call her last night and ended up being the encourager as she was drenched in uncontrollable wails. I didn’t know how to start the conversation with Taiwo, your twin sister who has been there till there very end giving her all just to see you come out of this battle. Not to mention your octogenarian mother who sat bedside never wanting to leave your side for a second. Of a truth, you did come out the victor but God chose for you to tell us ‘Hello from the other side’ and I am fine with that because Esu pofo!

Through it all, you gave others Hope. Strong Superwoman

This is me raising a glass and celebrating you for all that you were to me and to the world – a superstar who needed no spotlight to shine. Your radiance was follow-come, it was in you like Peak Milk. No regrets whatsoever knowing you, for in adversity you stood tall and this encouraged me beyond any well-baked sermon of motivation. Your life is noteworthy of a certified model for global emulation and ought to be taught to many who feel life’s loaded backpack should drill them down in misery. You taught me a lot through your well-lived life and I can boast of you any day as a ‘Superwoman’ who came, who saw and who conquered through it all.

Woman of the Year 2017 – Zero Gravity at the Capstone Church

Kehinde Olarinde, my dear sister, I will miss you dearly

And it just hit me, that there were enough signs that affirmed your being with the Father which I didn’t notice till now. Almost the entire day of the 26th of December, I played a song which the Spirit pressed on my heart and I didn’t even have it on my phone, so I downloaded it. Listening to it now that you’re gone and the dots connected… that it was a farewell from You to Me. “As the channels of Your Spirit opened up cos You were with the Father already”… Open Up by Dunsin Oyekan. Taking in each wordings of the song splits me up, it was all about You, Kenny! Goodbye, Dearest Sis.

Translations: “Ah! Kenny se eeyan” – Ah! Kenny was a great individual.

“person wey think say e get problem when dem hear your story, na to cover face waka far dey reason say dem no get problem” – Anyone who thinks he/she has got problems in life needs to listen to Kenny’s story if they won’t cover their faces and walk away thanking God that they have no problems.

Esu pofo! – The Devil failed woefully

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Kevin Okwuelum
Kevin Okwuelum
8 months ago

May her beautiful soul rest in the bosom of our Lord.

Take heart bro

Christy Olufemi
Christy Olufemi
8 months ago

Kenny you will be greatly missed for your selflessness, generosity and your commitment to the Lord. There are things I wished I had done with you but then I thank God that you end Victorious and Strong. You remain an example of who a soldier of Christ is. You came, you fought and conquered. O death where is your sting. Thank you for showing all of us what it means to live life to the fullest. For showing us what it means to remain strong in face of adversity. Thank you for you displayed what it means to live a… Read more »