Who is This Man?

Who is this Man? Man is who you are born of and who you end up choosing to be in life.

A man, born in the land of Ibadan, a city that till date is a powerhouse and pillar even in the Center of Excellence – Lasgidi from which his tentacles of influence has gone global

Who is this Man? Putting words together will flow with ease for him, having aMASSed COMMUNICATION from the Poly Ibadan. As a sharp move before landing in UI so his eye might be open for the journey to be classed as one of the LEARNED that in the long haul earned him partner, a position of trust and loyalty. For he that comes to equity must come with clean hands

Who is this Man? A man who has poured out his depth of experience from a Practitioner’s Perspective’ into print media that his contemporaries and the younger generation might have milk to drink from and meat to chew on. It is indeed a welcomed contribution to the body of knowledge in Nigeria, a land whose veins flows Oil and breathes Gas.

Who is this Man? A man of whom Leadership does exudes from around him.  A man with a rich resume worthy of running the Nation’s prime revenue generation source. Having the wherewithal to deal with its complexities and put the nation on the path to redemption.

Who is this Man? The coconut didn’t fall far from the tree, for if it were an apple, it may have cracked while landing. Of blessed Memory Hon. Justice Pius Aderemi will be nodding with admiration saying “that’s my boy” while greeting y’all “hello from the other side”

Hmm, this other side, a place we wish to not go to so early. But It’s a place that has all our phone numbers to dial either by the permissive or perfect will of God. The joy however, is when you look back and know that you served well, for it is not much of how long lived but how well lived. A man needs count his days more in time, for tick-tick says the clock, what you have to do, do quick.

Life may put before you challenges that look insurmountable, but we grow older and learn to make pina colada out of lemonade. The journey was never promised to be smooth but you make yourself sandpaper and keep pressing through. To the leader deserving of double honored, it ought to be accorded.  And to a life being spent well is the call for this occasion.

Who is this Man? Talk of a career decision that can make or mar you in life? Locating the bone of your bones. It was easier for Adam, cos he woke and there she was waiting for him. Now, even Google Maps will not help you in the Ultimate Search if not by the mercy and favour of God. Cheers, to the Woman behind and beside this successful man we’re all gathered here today to celebrate.

Now, I ask again, who is this Man? He is Barrister Tolu Pius Aderemi, son of an icon jurist. Husband to the delectable Tinuade. Father to Semilore and Moroti. Partner, Perchstone and Graeys, A learned colleague, a friend in whom we’re all well pleased. Here’s to the man of the moment, being fortily fortified for more conquest.

This is the Man!

A piece performed by EnowithdH on 20th August 2020 at the Metropolitan Club, Victoria Island in celebration of Barrister Tolu Pius Aderemi for his milestone achievements, Book Launch and also clocking Forty. (In attendance was the President Elect of the Nigeria Bar Association – Olumide Akpata, The Ooni of Ife, represented by his royal staff and OBA Dr. ADEBISI LAYADE, The ALARAOODAYE of Ara Land ife, The Chairman, Elephant Group – Alhaji Saidu M. Mohammed, Chief Dr. Prince Donatus Okonkwo, The Chairman of Tetrazzini Group of Companies, A former Chief Justice of Lagos State amongst other distinguished guests and Learned Professionals.

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1 year ago

Lovely piece!

1 year ago

Weldone bro

1 year ago

Well done Eno. Nice piece!