Still On This Life’s Journey

Whenever I’m being asked, who are you? I make them know who I am? I’m God’s gift to the world, enabled and not disabled; enriched and not bewitched. Skillful and talented because daily, I study to show myself approved.

A Spoken Word Version For Your Listening Pleasure

Some may seemingly see me as being proud all I can remember is a TV Ad that said, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” But when I look at it, mbok that’s what comes with the name ‘EnoAbasi’ cos he’s got a lot for the world to see.

EbunOluwa ni, a proud son of ‘I AM’ do you know who I am? I stand here today as an embodiment of the high-speed 5G being God’s Gracious Goodness Gifted Globally, you see, this thing flows naturally.

It’s yet an unfolding of another chapter of my life that starts with a lot of laughter. That leaves me coughing to needing ‘Cofta’ the syrup. For I’m a volcano, so I erupt as the outward expression of the inward harmony of my soul being grace; unmerited yet, I’m found worthy in His eyes.

“For there’s not a just man on earth, who does good and does not sin.” All I keep doing is running back to the timeless cross, a place where mercy and grace forever flows. In a plane, looking down from 25,000 feet, amazed at His craftsmanship and wondrous works. In as much as I should be in awe about myself whom He created in His Image. A piece of art with no price gauge.

Stormy, rocky, speedy, smooth, slow, and even bumpy has been the journey over three decades and to mention the haziness, uncertainty, and unclear path I’ve had to tread. I’m not even close to the destination but, I’m grateful that I’ve come this far. And in Him, I forever trust to steer the course of my life to a place that will be free of strife.

I’m here in this world to make the very best of myself that settling for less is not a plan B – Never will it be.


EnoAbasi and EbunOluwa – God’s Gift

Mbok – Please

A Birthday Eulogy to Myself 🥰🙂😇🤩🎂🍾

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