What is a Word? The dictionary gives an expository view on the meanings of a word. It is the smallest, discrete meaningful unit of a language, it’s a conversation or a discussion, it’s an order, request or instruction, it’s an utterance, speech or comment, the act of speaking, it’s also a promise or an oath. Above all, it is communication from God, the Gospel, the Bible, the word is scriptures and it is also the Logos.

Life’s existence will not be if not for the Word and application in diverse forms as the dictionary also said that “word can be expressed by itself”. That took me straight to the book of John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God “.

Isn’t Life just beyond words? When you ponder on the World’s mysteries the starting point of everything was by a word. We are the reflection of the words we speak and apply in our daily living.

JustBeyondWords is here to share with you varied forms of Words’ expressions in Gospel, Poetry, Spoken Word, News, Inspirational, Worship and Praise. Join us on this Voyage of Word Bliss.